Hey! Where’s my Package?

How can you help prevent those front porch thefts? Here are a few tips to keep your valuables safe this holiday season.


  1. Leave delivery instructions. Did you know you can request the delivery driver to leave the package in a specific place? Under the mat. Behind a planter. Inside the gate. Some place out of sight. Often a thief is an opportunist, looking for those “easy grabs.” Don’t give them that opportunity.
  2. Use signature confirmation. Reserve this for those expensive packages. With signature confirmation, if no one is home to sign for the package, it’s left at the local post office for pickup.
  3. Deliver to your workplace. Unless your workplace forbids it – check first! Most delivery services will deliver to business addresses during normal business hours, allowing you to receive your packages during the day.
  4. Use an Amazon Locker. There are approximately ten Amazon Locker locations near the 76180 zip code – all with 24 hour operating times. They will keep your packages in the lockers for up to three days.
  5. Deliver the package to neighbor or friend. Can’t be home to accept a delivery? Redirect the package to a neighbor or friend who lives close by. Make sure it’s a trusted neighbor or friend who you can count on to take care of your package.
  6. Use a delivery tracking app. UPS offers an app MY Choice and FedEx offers Delivery Manager to help you to monitor your package delivery and receive text alerts of its progress. You can also set the delivery time or redirect the package through these app services.
  7. Pick up your package at the post office. Instead of having your package delivered to your address try using the USPS Package Intercept. Some of the other delivery services will also hold a package for you free of charge. Check with each vendor for their specifics.
  8. Use security cameras. Keeping a camera pointed at your front porch helps deter criminal activity. Not only do the cameras provide peace of mind against criminal activity, but it can help you monitor potential package mishandling if you discover damaged goods.

Most of the time thieves are opportunists, looking for the easiest get away. Don’t give them the easy out. Help us, help you.


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