Beat Management Program

Did you know the City of North Richland Hills is divided in to eight districts, also known as “beats?” Do you know what beat you live in?

For the purposes of response to calls for service, the City of North Richland Hills is divided in to eight separate geographical areas, known as districts or beats. In the Beat Management Program, patrol officers get to select (based on seniority), their own beat and work in it every day. By utilizing this program, our officers can better serve the community and form a partnership with our citizens. By managing their beats on a daily basis, officers can get to know the people that reside and work in their assigned areas, and truly understand any associated problems within their individual beat. We encourage officers to interact with staff and students in schools, attend homeowners and neighborhood watch meetings and truly “get to know” their piece of the community.

If you have any questions or to see who your assigned officer is, follow the link to our website to learn more: Beat Officers




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  1. Who are the police officers that have district 6?
    I Would like to know their names ,in order to get to know the officers by name that are taking care of our district.


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