Assault by Contact at Walker Creek – PR 17-09

Sergeant Kevin Palmer                                                                                            PR 17-09

Public Information Officer

Phone: (817) 427-7074




NEWS RELEASE                For Immediate Release


On Tuesday, April 11, 2017, at 6:26 PM, a father of a student from Walker Creek Elementary met with the North Richland Hills Police Department to report an incident where an educational assistant* grabbed his child by the face.  The matter was documented as requested by police department staff.  The following day, the father returned to the police department and requested that an offense report be taken.  The officer was shown an electronic image of the child’s face and observed what appeared to be a mark on the child’s cheek.  The officer completed a report for Assault by Contact.  The case is currently being investigated.


Birdville ISD reported that they are aware of the incident and are conducting their own administrative investigation into the matter.

*updated 4:30 PM 4-13-17 (previously reported to have been a teacher)

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