Masculinity & Mental Health

How masculinity affects mental health treatment:

Men are 3.5x more successful at suicide than women, typically because of the methods used. However, it’s the stigmas involved with mental illness that keep men from reaching out for help.

Men are generally raised with the idea that showing emotion isn’t what boys do and they are expected to fight through it or simply “get up, rub some dirt on it, and get moving.” Men are expected to be strong all the time.

Because of this, men don’t often seek the help they need when dealing with an issue. They sometimes won’t even reach out to friends for help because that’s just not what men do. Men are expected to be self-reliant and needing help is sometimes seen as a sign of weakness.

Because of this, reaching out for help is difficult and stigmatized as being a wimp but getting help could also clearly be seen as the very bold step.

If you, or a man in your life, needs help dealing with depression or any other mental illness, is an online resource with tips and resources to help men deal with what they are facing. is an online resource for those men AND women who served in the military and need assistance dealing with the “invisible wounds” they brought home.

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