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Neighborhood Eyes

Working together for a safer community.

Have you heard about our program, Neighborhood Eyes? The idea behind the program is to enhance crime prevention efforts and work together with the community to solve crime. Many homeowners and business owners currently operate security video systems throughout the City of NRH. With Neighborhood Eyes, if crime occurs nearby, the camera database will alert us to valuable video footage that can help detectives during an investigation. This database omits the need for officers to go door to door attempting to obtain camera location and footage, allowing for a faster investigation. Often, by obtaining the footage and sharing the suspect via online means, we can obtain a positive ID on the suspect.


This registry is completely VOLUNTARY. The police department will NOT :

  • Take control of
  • Access
  • Use your cameras

In the event your location may have security video recordings that would be helpful to an investigation, our Officers or Detectives will contact you for your assistance.

If you’re ready to sign up, follow the link:

Neighborhood Eyes

If you have any questions, contact Community Services 817.427.7021

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