NRH Officer Badge 2013_thumb_thumb.jpg

Our Vision

Our vision is a community environment where the public has full faith and confidence in its Police Department to provide an atmosphere where people feel safe and secure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work in a partnership with our citizens to maintain a safe, peaceful community by providing excellence in all police services dedicated to the highest standards of ethics and integrity while preserving and protecting life and property.

Our Philosophy


  • Our values guide our work and decisions, help us contribute to the quality of life and promote a positive work experience.
  • We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards by conducting ourselves with integrity, compassion and accountability.
  • We are dedicated to preserving the goals and values that make North Richland Hills the “City of Choice.”
  • We endorse the principles embodied in our Constitution. We respect and protect the rights of all citizens, and we endeavor to ensure the safety, security and protection of life and property.
  • We strive to be leaders in our profession and in the community we serve.
  • We strive to maintain the highest quality of life for all that reside within and visit our community.

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